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Rules // Don't Break

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Author Topic: Rules // Don't Break  (Read 39 times)
Todd Grisham
ECW General Manager
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« on: August 03, 2007, 05:55:20 pm »

--[:\ Registration /:]--
[1] New members are only allowed to join with 1 Superstar or Diva. Once you’ve reached your stay of atleast 30 days average, 1 month, you can acquire a second superstar if you wish. But only those who are truly active and dedicated to the fed may they have a second star. If you prove to be rather inactive with one, then you won't be eligible for a second.

[2] Check the vacant roster list before registering as a superstar or diva. Once you register, you have less than 12 hours to sign and post your WwC contract to be hired. If you do not post a contract, then you will be deleted. Lingering “Uncontracted” accounts are not tolerated as they keep others from signing up as that particular superstar/diva, using their appropriate name.

[3] All superstars and divas are assigned to one of the two existing brands. There is an assigned roster for everyone to view, and whichever wrestler you choose, your show will be determined by it.

[x4 CAWs are not allowed! Simple as that, and anyone that registers as the name of a CAW, or any other random name, will be deleted immediately.

--[:\ Contract Signing /:]--
[1] As stated before, you have about 12 hours only to post your superstar's contract. You must follow our template, and fill out each blank on the contract to be accepted. Your sample roleplay must be of the superstar or diva you are signing up as, no exceptions.

[2] Switching characters is a big issue here, and if it becomes abused, more action will be taken against it. There's a 1-3 month wait before switching superstars depending on how many times you took advantage of it. If you happen to switch superstars, then you must fill out a full contract, and you must do a sample roleplay still as if you were a new member.

[3] When signing your contract, or even registering as a superstar, do not post a contract of a superstar who is currently taken and active, because you're only wasting time by doing so. If you have a question about someone who might be inactive and taken on the vacant roster list, then ask in the Guest Facility. But all inactive members are deleted constantly of every week, so there shouldn't be any problems there.

--[:\ Character Switches /:]--
[1] Switching your character is highly discouraged, but if you do feel the need to switch your current character without picking up a new superstar, you must wait 3 months to do so. So when you choose your character, make sure you choose carefully! As the more switches you make, the longer the wait will increase to make another.

—[:\ Signatures /:]—
[1] You may only have a MAX of 3 sigs.
Keep animation gifs to a limit, as it slows down other's PCs. Mainly, they should just be left in your avatar display. MP3 bars must also be kept to a limit as it shows down the speed rate of moving around the fed. And no music sigs.

[2] No **** Signatures.

—[:\ Being Active /:]—
[1] Inactive superstars and divas are not tolerable here in the WwC. If you register and do not post your contract in less than 12 hours, then you are most likely never planning on signing one, and will be deleted. And superstars who are inactive for over 3 days without posting an LOA, you will be deleted without warning as a result of being inactive.

[2] If you are active, which means showing up and role-playing, you will have the best chances of getting matches for your show. If you aren't very active, then you will most likely not get any matches. You can't be scheduled for matches is you're not active. Completely inactive superstars will be deleted.

—[:\ Leave of Absences /:]—
[1] If you must be absent for more than 3 days, then you must post a LOA(Leave of Absence), and your general manager will know not to place you in matches, nor delete you. LOAs should only be posted if you're not able to show up on the fed. Do not post an LOA, and continue to show up on the board viewing forum and chatting in the cbox afterwards, or your LOA will be ignored and deleted.

LOAs can last no longer than 2-3 weeks. If it does, its likely you're never planning on coming back. Placing LOAs to spend more time on other feds while clearly lying about it will also be deleted as well. There's no point in being a member here if you're not going to be a part of the fed.
Once you return from your LOA, either PM a staff member, or post in your LOA topic that you have returned.

—[:\ Etc. /:]—
[1] NO Advertising is allowed! If you do, you will be deleted on the spot, and IP banned, no questions asked, simple as that.

[2] No disrespecting, ANY members whatsoever, especially staff, or you will immediately disbanded. If someone's causing problems, notify any admin or staff present, and the situation will be taken care of.

[3] Do not attack any superstars or divas without getting their permission first.

[4] Anyone caught stealing Banners, Role-plays, or match results from this site, you will be banned, after a 1st warning.

[5] You cannot edit your match role-plays, when posted there will be no editing them, if you edit them then we will not count that role-play.

[6] Your Role-plays must be atleast ten lines long.

[7] Most importantly, have fun, that's what this fed is all about and was designed for.

Thanks To WWC_Revolution For The Rules
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ECW General Manager

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